Who We Are

LaunchDreams’ goal is to help the entrepreneurial leaders of the 21st century fulfill their business dreams. LaunchDreams focuses on providing a complete range of services so that entrepreneurial thinkers, businesses, universities, and non-profits entities avoid critical mistakes, save money, shorten business cycles, and ultimately build and then fulfill their business visions and dreams much faster and with less money than otherwise possible.

LaunchDreams taps into a vast array of experience in creating and growing businesses and can also bridge the gap between industry and academia, as well as economic development entities. LaunchDreams’ experts have done it before and, possibly more importantly, have either worked with or for entrepreneurial companies and other relevant entities. Our experience doesn’t come from books – it is derived from hard-earned, real-life lessons. We know the issues, problems, and cultures and we particularly enjoy working with and helping smart entrepreneurial leaders who recognize the value of opinions and help from seasoned professionals. LaunchDreams stands ready to share this extensive experience to help you fulfill your business dream.