Service Offerings


Strategy Practice Management, Technology & Operational Practice University, Economic Development & Non-Profit Practice

Strategy assessments & consulting; development of strategic plans

ü Temporary Executive Management
(CEO, COO, CTO, CIO, CXO, etc.)
ü Studies to determine strengths, weaknesses, clusters
ü Development and review of business & operational visions, plans and strategies ü Management advice & consulting ü Strategic planning; Creation of public-private partnerships 
ü Board of Directors placements

Development and review of technology strategies ü Technology & project management ü Commercialization of intellectual property; Technology transfer
Facilitation of strategy sessions ü Technology assessment & consulting
ü Development of technology plans ü Entrepreneurship in Universities and non-profits
Young Business Practice International Practice
Our Experience Is Your   Advantage!
ü Pre-screening for and access to venture and other capital  ü Market entry analysis; access to international markets with focus on Europe and Asia ü Experience in Executive Management in various industries, academia and non-profits; positions ranging from executive to business and technical
ü Provide your employees with a vision and a plan ü Local and US representation for businesses, economic development entities, non-profits


Experience in developing and implementing business strategies

ü Obtain and listen to experienced advisors; view your  Board of Directors as an asset ü Set up of the local entity ü Experience in raising significant funding, increasing sales, increasing customer satisfaction & retention
ü Matchmaking with potential partners
ü Hire the best employees ü Access to and networking with high-level leaders and experts, and leading firms and advisory services ü Excellent international experience: Multilingual, multinational and multicultural
ü Focus on customers & bottom line ü Localization of products and services ü Outstanding network of contacts, partners and affiliates