PRESS RELEASE: LEDA and yFiles go to where their customers are

Germany-based yWorks GmbH and Algorithmic Solutions Software GmbH are making another substantial move to expand their businesses in the U.S.A. by launching Quappa, a new joint venture company in the fastest growing county in the U.S.A, Loudoun County, VA, close to Washington, DC.

Quappa’s initial task is to market, sell and service the flagship products LEDA and

yFiles, extensive software libraries providing algorithms and components for software development in Java TM  and C++ technology as well as for Microsoft® .NET. Quappa plans to be fully operational with its own offices by February 2005. 

According to Dr. Christian Uhrig, president & CEO of Algorithmic Solutions (AlgoSol), the new company is part of AlgoSol's and yWorks' ongoing efforts to improve the service for their American customers.

LEDA and yFiles are no newcomers to the American market – the libraries already convinced brand-name companies like HP, IBM, Celera, and many more.

„We currently handle our worldwide sales from Germany and cannot adequately take into account the legal, administrational and cultural differences in procedures and handling. With Quappa we will be able to adapt our procedures to American requirements thus being able to better support our customers located in the United States.“ says Angelika Kirchmeyer, the incoming CAO of Quappa.

Quappa found a strong helping hand in Loudoun County: LaunchDreams LLC. Quappa not only benefits from sophisticated management expertise, LaunchDreams also serves as advisor regarding the company formation and strategic and operational aspects of launching and running the company. “We are in the business of helping entrepreneurs launch their business dreams” says President & CEO Wolfgang Tolle, a dual German-US citizen who has extensive executive experience on both sides of the Atlantic. And he adds “Quappa has a great opportunity in the US. But the US market is demanding and – to the eventual surprise of many Germans - very different from Germany. Quappa’s very entrepreneurial management should be commended for recognizing the need to work closely with local experts. We are looking forward to a long and enduring relationship.”


About Algorithmic Solutions:

Algorithmic Solutions Software GmbH provides software and consulting in order to enhance software applications by algorithmic intelligence. Founded 1995 by former research associates of the Max-Planck-Institute for Computer Science, the company focuses on the analysis of problem domains and on building the required algorithmic solutions.

Algorithmic Solutions Software GmbH
Schuetzenstrasse 3-5
66123 Saarbruecken, Germany



About yWorks:

yWorks GmbH is an internationally-oriented software and consulting company located in Tuebingen, Germany. Founded 2000, the company provides sophisticated solutions for the visualization and automatic layout of diagrams and networks.

yWorks GmbH

Vor dem Kreuzberg 28

72070 Tuebingen, Germany



About LaunchDreams LLC:

LaunchDreams offers the services so critical to helping entrepreneurial leaders of the 21st century grow their ventures, whether it is still an idea or an already established activity. LaunchDreams' mission is to help these entrepreneurial leaders launch their business dreams with a focus on avoiding mistakes of others, saving money, and shortening business cycles to ultimately help clients design and build entrepreneurial ventures more strategically, and to shorten the path to success.

LaunchDreams, LLC

21934 Hyde Park Drive, Suite 100

Ashburn, VA 20147, U.S.A.



About LEDA:

LEDA is a C++ class library of efficient data types and algorithms. It provides algorithmic know-how in the fields of graph and network problems, geometric computing, combinatorial optimization and many more. For more information on LEDA please see:

About yFiles:

yFiles is a Java(tm) class library offering essential building blocks for servlets, applets and desktop applications that analyze, visualize, and automatically arrange graphs, diagrams and networks. It can be integrated into existing software solutions to enhance its functionality or it can be used to build whole new applications from scratch. For more information on yFiles please see:

About Loudoun County, VA

Loudoun County, VA, just west of Washington, DC, has been among the top three fastest growing counties in the United States for many years, both in terms of job growth and population growth. Loudoun County is a vibrant home to many small and medium-sized technology companies as well as world headquarters of larger companies such as America Online and MCI. Loudoun County is also home to Washington Dulles International Airport, one of the nation’s fastest-growing airports and hub for international and domestic connections.