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Going Abroad: Supervisors Build Relationships with German Companies - December 30, 2005

... At meetings more than 6,387 miles away, Loudoun County Chairman Scott York (I-At Large) and Supervisor Lori Waters (R-Broad Run) last week joined Department of Economic Development International Business Ambassador Wolfgang Tolle in visiting economic development executives and governmental counterparts in Deutschland. The fact-finding trip was part of the department’s efforts to attract German-speaking companies to the county. “International business and economic development is based on relationships,” said Tolle, a native of Hiddenhausen, Germany, who became a U.S. citizen in 2002. The trip capitalized on his decade-long relationship ..."

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Seeking International Business Connections for Loudoun - November 8, 2005

... Wolfgang Tolle, Loudoun international business ambassador, is excited about the county's ability to attract more international businesses in the future, while retaining those already here.  “Loudoun has a real opportunity to be a center for international businesses,” Tolle said.... “Evidence shows that these companies that tend to come from abroad are companies that typically are already developed, have good product and service that they're trying to sell in this country,” he said...Clearly, this is about building an international business program...” Tolle's Ashburn-based business, Launch Dreams LLC, was created to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses or turn them around when they're in trouble...."

LaunchDreams CEO moderates powerful seminar on Strategies for Success in German ICT Market - May 5, 2005

... Industry experts and executives whose firms are well established in Germany will offer a wealth of information and practical advice on how to be successful in the German ICT market.  Speakers include Dr. Juergen Weber, Chairman, Lufthansa, Norbert Quinkert, Chairman, Motorola Germany, Christoph Bellmer, CEO, Toll Collect GmbH, Dr. Prof. Joachim Niemeier, CEO, T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH, and Dr. Stephan Scholtissek, Country Managing Director Germany, Accenture. The event is moderated by Wolfgang Tolle, President & CEO of LaunchDreams ..."

ITAA Software Division Elects New  Members- ITAA - February 23, 2005

...The Information Technology Association of America’s (ITAA) Software Division has selected new Members to its Board of Directors....Wolfgang Tolle, President & CEO, LaunchDreams LLC...It is an exciting time for the software industry. The opportunities and challenges facing firms are significant," said John Schwarz, President & COO, Symantec. "We are delighted to have such an outstanding caliber of executives to help lead the software industry in addressing the challenges it faces today."

Quappa launches company - Times Community-Loudoun Times Mirror - January 12, 2005

...Germany-based yWorks GmbH and Algorithmic Solutions Software GmbH announced they are launching Quappa, a new join venture company, in February with offices in Leesburg. ...LaunchDreams provided management expertise, and also served as advisor on company formation, and strategic and operational aspects of launching and running the new joint venture company.

LaunchDreams instrumental in helping German software companies to open HQ in the US - Press Release- November 21, 2004

...Quappa found a strong helping hand in Loudoun County: LaunchDreams LLC. Quappa not only benefits from sophisticated management expertise, LaunchDreams also serves as advisor regarding the company formation and strategic and operational aspects of launching and running the company. “We are in the business of helping entrepreneurs launch their business dreams” says President & CEO Wolfgang Tolle, a dual German-US citizen who has extensive executive experience on both sides of the Atlantic. And he adds “Quappa has a great opportunity in the US. But the US market is demanding and – to the eventual surprise of many Germans - very different from Germany. Quappa’s very entrepreneurial management should be commended for recognizing the need to work closely with local experts. We are looking forward to a long and enduring relationship. ...

Loudoun County takes official step to woo foreign companies - Washington Post - July 15, 2004

...As bets go, this isn't a big one: $5,000 says Loudoun, the nation's fastest growing county, can lure more international business. That's what Loudoun's Department of Economic Development is paying Ashburn-based business consultant Wolfgang Tolle, at least initially, to serve as the county's first international business ambassador. The German-speaking Tolle has been hired to study how Loudoun can attract businesses from Western Europe. If the <…> study shows promise, his role could be expanded to selling Loudoun around the globe..."This is a pilot test to find out what Loudoun should do and can do," said Tolle...Tolle's firm, LaunchDreams LLC, assists entrepreneurs in starting businesses. He formerly worked for tech firms in Germany and Northern Virginia...

Loudoun County names Wolfgang Tolle International Business Ambassador - LoCo Motion - May, 2004

... DED hosted the May 18 World Cities Alliance (WCA) Washington Regional Partners Meeting. The WCA is a joint venture designed to perform advanced economic development in locations throughout the world, and includes participation from four regions in Europe as well as Washington, D.C. and several D.C. area counties. The May meeting included the announcement of Wolfgang Tolle as International Business Ambassador for Loudoun County. Tolle is the CEO of LaunchDreams, LLC, and the former managing director of the Center for Innovative Technology. Tolle will work to establish relationships with WCA staff in Berlin and Zurich, represent Loudoun at special events, and will work with expanding German companies expressing an interest in the D.C. region so they will consider locating in Loudoun...


CEO of LaunchDreams opens first German Congress and Trade Fair on Business Networking - November 7, 2003

... At the invitation of the Bertelsmann Foundation, Wolfgang Tolle, President and CEO of LaunchDreams gave the keynote speech and moderated the opening talk show of the first German Forum on business networking "net's work" on Nov. 7 and 8, 2003 in Bad Salzuflen, Germany. His keynote address focused on cultural differences between the US and Germany in regards to business networking. Among his guests for the talk show were Fabio Colasanti, Director General of the European Union for "Information Society"...

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Ten leading German cities reach out in Palo Alto, San Jose, and Seattle - September 22, 2003

... Wolfgang Tolle, CEO of LaunchDreams joined the Chairman of Motorola Germany, Norbert Quinkert, the CEO of Lucent Germany, Rainer Fechner and the member of the Executive Board of Deutsche Bank, Ulrich Schuerenkraemer during a marketing mission of leading German cities through the high tech centers of California and Washington...

WSU wants to grow businesses - Spokesman Review - April 20, 2003

... Wolfgang Tolle should know something about bridging divides. He's leaped the Atlantic Ocean, and now he's crossed the United States. Washington State University retained the genial, German-born Tolle in January to assess how to make WSU an economic driver in the state ...

International Expert on Board - WSU Today - March 07, 2003

... He has successfully worked in the different “worlds” he needs to pull together to spur economic development — academia, business, nonprofit labs and technological research. On the business side, he helped create several companies, including his own, and has attracted tens of millions of dollars of venture capital. “I have (migrated between) academia, the technology industry, the ‘big science’ of a national laboratory, nonprofit organizations and entrepreneurial activities,” he said. “That is an unusual background and it helps me understand the various cultures and ‘translate’ between academia and industry, as well as work closely with state and federal government.” Tolle has strong ties to industry and is a recognized expert ... in both the U.S. and Europe. ...

Wolfgang Tolle, a Technology Import from Germany - Potomac Tech Journal - June 11, 2001

... June 11, 2001, is an auspicious day for Wolfgang Tolle, the chief technology officer and vice president of Cyveillance, an Internet monitoring company in Arlington, VA. It marks Tolle’s 11th anniversary in this country, having emigrated from Germany as a 29-year-old about to start his first job in the United States — president of the U.S. office of the German National Research Center for Computer Science. "I moved to Washington on June 11, 1990, my first day in Washington and I didn’t know a single soul, really," he said. ... Tolle became managing director of the CIT, and in 1999 he was named acting president and CEO for eight months. In January 2000, he was recruited to Cyveillance by Kevin Burns, now the board chairman, to become the company’s chief technology officer and vice president of client services. Tolle said of his current position: "It’s an interesting combination of being responsible for the technology as well as for the customers, which actually helps me on both sides." ...

Cyveillance Executive named to IBM Advisory Council - Press Release - March 15, 2001

... Internet Intelligence Company CTO Wolfgang Tolle Joins Strategic Industry Forum ... “Cyveillance’s commitment to technology brings a great perspective to this industry forum,” said Mike Kerr, vice president, IBM Web Operator Business. “We have worked with Wolfgang in the past and feel his company is representative of the cutting-edge technology our clients will want.” “Technology is the foundation of Cyveillance’s business,” said Tolle. “It is an honor for me to work closely with IBM and other council members to help define and respond to the needs of the ever-changing market.” ...

Mining the Web for Competitive Edge - Agile Brain - 2001

... In the business world, Tolle points out, there is a huge knowledge gap between what companies know is happening on the Web and how they are being impacted by what is happening on the Web.” ... According to Tolle, clients are often in the dark about what is happening to their brand on the Internet, what their image is and what their suppliers and licenses are doing online. "A lot of that information influences the bottom line," he says. "It generates revenue, market share and customer loyalty, and most companies have no clue."